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Somerville VIC

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What Our Clients Had To Say: 

For many years I was hesitant to build because of all of the dramas I saw with other people’s projects: time delays, half built homes sitting in the weather, poor communication and service, and most of all, cost overruns. A great piece of land came up, and we grabbed it – so it was time to bite the bullet and build.

We wanted our home to reflect us, so it was important that we were able to customize and put our own stamp on our new home. We spoke to all kinds of builders, and none seemed to ‘get’ where we were coming from, and although what we wanted wasn’t particularly ‘out there’, we got the sense that it was all too hard. So we started looking at pre-fabs and while they were a good option, there was not much flexibility in designs and finishes – not much chance to make it suit us, and our lifestyle.

Then we found Anchor Homes.

From the very start, we loved everything about Anchor Homes – they way they operate, the method in which they build, their attention to detail, and their flexibility. But most of all, the people. We were able to totally customize our home design, and nothing was a problem. We were able to choose some great finishes, and we were also able to add a few of our own. Nothing was a problem, and the design team went out of their way to investigate some new elements to help us achieve what we wanted.

A fixed price contract meant no cost blowout, so we were able to relax and really enjoy the process. The build went super-smoothly – we were kept informed of every stage, and it was fantastic to be able to walk through during the build to get a sense of the spaces, and see it all coming together. Even though our site was tricky to access, Anchor managed to overcome any obstacles with no fuss, and the landing team who came after to finish things off were brilliant. The whole thing was a huge relief, and every single person we dealt with was just fabulous.

We’ve been in our home for a couple of months now, and we could not be happier. Anyone who visits loves it, and cannot believe that just a few months ago our home was on a truck, making its way to us. I have already referred a few people to Anchor, and cannot speak highly enough of their professionalism, attention to detail, and service. The house really speaks for itself – it’s all we hoped for and more, and we just love it!

Georgia & Julie.

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