Eco Friendly Pre Fab Sustainable Homes

At Anchor Homes, we are passionate about sustainability and acknowledge our responsibility to minimise the impact on the environment during construction. With a fast-increasing number in our population who recognise the benefits of sustainable living, we are set to provide eco-friendly homes by using technology and smart design. The very basis of our prefabricated, off-site construction method means that the direct impact on your site is minimised immensely. With only the last few weeks of our building process taking place on site, the impact on your land is reduced by up to 90%.

Sustainable Homes Process and Consultation

The first step to bringing your new home to life is in the design stage. Whether we design your modular home from scratch or use a design from our standard Modular Homes Range, we will spend time to carefully assess your site to ensure the orientation of your home makes the most of natural lighting and passive solar energy.

Our design professionals will make suggestions for home orientation and design ‘tweaks’ to create site-specific cross-flow ventilation, take advantage of natural lighting, and incorporate energy efficient principles to the home. We will carefully analyse the use of insulation products and thermally efficient windows to meet the minimum 6-Star Energy Rating.

Many of our clients choose to increase the 6-Star rating of their homes, and with the help of our energy rating consultant, this can be achieved. Other products can be used to increase the energy rating of our homes including solar hot-water systems, off-grid solar power systems, water-saving plumbing fittings, water tank installation.

The factory environment in which our homes are built allows us to retain all excess materials, to be used on our next project. Our footing & sub floor design methodology also lowers our environmental footprint, due to the reduced penetrations into the ground.

An environmentally-friendly approach is adopted when sourcing the building products we use in our homes. Plantation timber from sustainable sources is standard in all our homes and recycled timber is used in some instances. Many other options are available to our clients including commonly used low VOC paints.

Please have a look at our list of Standard Inclusions and Upgrades for more information.

For more information or assistance with planning your project please contact us.