What are transportable modular homes?

Transportable modular homes are built in a manufacturing facility, then delivered by truck to site.

Each module of your prefabricated home is constructed on an engineered sub-floor system with additional bracing to counter the stress of transport.

Prefab transportable homes are installed on permanent footings and are built to the same high standards as traditionally built homes but are generally completed in half the time.

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Where do we transport our modular homes?

Areas of Service

Currently, we deliver our modular homes throughout Victoria and much of NSW.

If you’re unsure if your property is located within our area of service, please contact our project consultants who are always happy to assist.

What is the difference between modular homes and relocatable homes?

Modular and relocatable homes are often thought of as the same thing, however, there are some key differences between the two. While modular homes (and even site-built homes) can be moved, they are designed and built to be installed permanently on site. Portable homes (also known as manufactured or mobile homes) are built to be moved as needed, which makes them a better choice as a relocatable home.

How Anchor Homes transport a modular home to your site

Your modular home travels by truck to your site, with a pilot vehicle to ensure safety. The route your home takes is determined by the local state road authority and is carefully mapped out to avoid any low bridges, tunnels or unsuitable roads. Our trucks must follow the over-dimensional truck route which means they may not always travel in the most direct path from our facility in Stratford to your land.

A permit is issued by the road authority that outlines the roads that must be taken, any time restrictions on travel, and whether additional convoy vehicles, traffic control or power line works are required. For example, if the truck needs to travel through highly populated urban areas, traffic control is usually needed, and we may be required to pass through in the early morning to avoid causing delays.

Prefab modular homes approximate transport cost in Victoria within 150km of Stratford

Delivery of up to 150km from our Stratford manufacturing facility is included in the standard pricing of our homes.

However, in a small number of cases, the route we need to travel may incur some extra costs, for example, if additional escort vehicles or traffic control is required. This will be reviewed during the initial appointment and an estimation of transport costs will be provided.

Prefab modular homes transport cost in NSW and Victoria outside 150kms of Stratford

For transportable modular homes in Victoria and NSW that are delivered outside of 150kms of Stratford costs are calculated based on the distance, size of modules, and requirements of the route.

During our initial appointments the route to your property will be reviewed and an estimate of the transportation costs will be discussed during the design phase.

Will a crane be required to deliver my modular home?

Most of our projects (approximately 70%) do not require a crane to assist with delivery.

Our team will assess your site early in the consultation stage and discuss with you if a crane is required to unload your transportable modular home.

The cost of crane hire will primarily depend on where your property is located and how far the crane needs to reach to unload your modular home.

How long does it take to deliver my modular home?

Delivery times can be anywhere between one day for local deliveries, and three days for modular homes delivered to NSW. Our team will discuss this in detail once the route is finalised with the relevant state traffic authority.