If you have decided to custom build your new modular home, we’ll work together with you to turn your design ideas into reality. Whether you come equipped with a rough sketch, a carefully drawn plan, or your wish list and some magazine cut-outs, our design team will get to the bottom of your concept and create a design that is uniquely yours. In some cases, our customers will start with a standard design as a base and add, remove and change rooms and features as desired.

When thinking about what you want in a home, think about how you live now, and how you’ll live in the future. A good starting point is deciding on the number and types of rooms you need, and considering where you’d like them positioned in the house. For example, do you want the bedrooms all together? Or the master bedroom separated for privacy?

It’s also important not to get too hung up on size. A big house is not always best, because it’s the way you use the space that really counts. Our designers know lots of space-saving features that can be included in your custom design to make the most of all your space and keep the costs down too.