Modular Homes

Modular construction is a more efficient, sustainable and often cost-effective way to build – yet in Australia, it is still seen by many as an ‘alternative’ to conventional construction. While there are clear differences in the modular home building process and how they are built, we firmly believe that we deliver stronger, dream homes, of a higher standard of quality and in a much faster timeframe.marysville- FEATURED

What is a modular home?

Modular or prefab homes are built in sections referred to as modules, in a controlled factory environment off-site. Once completed, the modules are transported to site, then installed onto permanent footings to form a complete home. This is a key point of difference from a transportable or mobile home, which is built to be moved regularly.Modular Range - Hero Image

What’s the difference between modular and ‘conventional’ homes?

The only real difference between a modular and conventional home is where they are constructed! Modular homes are built off-site, while conventional homes are stick-built on-site. The materials used and the construction method itself remain largely the same.Frankston front view- modular home

How is a modular home delivered to site?

Each module is constructed on an engineered steel sub-floor system with additional bracing to counter the stress of transport. The modules are driven by truck to your site, following a carefully planned route that has been approved by the road authority. When your home arrives on site, it is lifted from the truck by hydraulic jacks or a crane and placed on the prepared footings, where our on-site team is waiting ready to complete the installation.Shoreham 14

What are the benefits of modular construction?

When you choose to build a modular home there are some clear benefits, thanks to the controlled environment of the build and the streamlined construction process.
  • High-quality: Built in a controlled environment, with builders and materials protected from the outside elements, the quality of modular homes are second to none.
  • Built fast: The controlled environment and ability to overlap the site preparation and construction of your home, allows your new home to be built in as little as 14 weeks.
  • Structurally stronger: Modular homes are often more structurally sound, as they need to withstand travelling by truck across long distances to arrive at your site.
  • Waste reduction: Building our homes in a factory allows us to minimise building waste dramatically as we can store excess materials for use on another project.
  • Reduced site impact: We spend less time on-site and our footing and sub-floor design requires less penetrations into the ground, lowering the environmental impact on-site.